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Website delivery process

Your website will be ready in just a few days. We will include information about your company's offer, images, portfolio and contact details. And all this with an eye to aesthetics and the speed of your website.

1. Brainstorming

We will discuss the general idea for the new website. What do you expect from the project, what is the purpose of the website. Based on this, we will prepare a plan of action.

2. Start of work

We will ask you to provide content, images, logos and an indication of the corporate colours that will become the dominant colours on the website. We will incorporate these elements into the graphic design.

3. Consultation

When we have all the materials, we will proceed with the project. Even after one day you will see the first version of the website for approval. This is the time to submit corrections. We will then put in the final touches.

4. Website ready

In the final phase, we will optimise the site so that it loads and runs as quickly as possible. We will carry out SEO activities, backup the site and give you full access to the finished site!
Strona Internetowa - Oferta - K&K Studios - Strona Internetowa - Web Design - Zdjęcie w tle - Kodowanie
Strona Internetowa - Oferta - K&K Studios - Strona Internetowa - Web Design - Zdjęcie w tle - Współpraca
Strona Internetowa - Oferta - K&K Studios - Strona Internetowa - Web Design - Zdjęcie w tle - Praca na komputerze

What we focus on when creating websites

We will take care of every detail. We will adjust the graphic files, prepare a responsive version for mobile devices, speed up the loading time of the website as well as fine-tune a number of other activities:

Attractive design

Your new website will be visually appealing encouraging the visitor to stay longer. This will increase the chances of people taking up your company's offer.

Lightning-fast website speed

The loading time of a website is crucial for its position in a search engine. We will ensure that your website meets this requirement.


We will perform basic SEO activities. We will complete titles and Meta descriptions for subpages and graphics. We will prepare a Site Map file and send it to Google.


We will take care of every little detail. We will correctly place content, graphics, reduce the loading time of your website and ensure that your website scores high in the eyes of search engines.

Which website do you choose?

Single Page

Price: € 999

Multi Page

Price: € 1.699

Multi Page+

Price: € 2.999

What you get in the package

By ordering a website, you will receive a number of excellent functionalities that will definitely improve the attractiveness of your website in the eyes of the customer. And all this at no extra charge!

Contact Form

Allow website users to send messages using a convenient form.


Show your customers exactly where you are with a Google Maps.


Show off your company or present your services with a striking photo gallery.

Social Media

Share a Facebook post or Instagram feed on your website.

to SEO

We will configure Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will prepare a Site Map file and send it to Google.


No one likes to wait long, so we'll make your new website lightning-fast.

Frequently asked questions

Customers often have similar questions. Here are the answers to the most popular ones:

Website development time

We deliver websites in 3 to 5 working days depending on the package chosen.

For a Single Page website it is 3 working days, for a Multi Page website 5 working days.

Will I be able to edit content on the website?

Yes, of course. You will be able to edit content and graphics yourself using an intuitive content management panel.

Will I receive a draft for approval?

Yes, of course. As soon as we receive all the material from you, we will put it on the website.

We will present you with the first Graphic Design for your approval. You will then make any comments or corrections.

We will implement the changes according to your comments and present a revised Graphic Design. You will have the opportunity to comment a second time.

Once we have made all the corrections we will finish preparing the Graphic Design.

How is the service billed?

We divide payment into two stages. At the beginning, we will ask for an advance payment. Only after this has been received can we proceed with the work.

We will accept the second part of the payment after final approval of the Website Graphic Design. We will then install the website on the target domain and server and provide you with your login details.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes, of course.

Have any questions?
Together we will choose the best solution for you!

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