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With us you will achieve your marketing goals!

Whether you want to build brand awareness or reach new customers, a campaign run by us will enable you to achieve this goal.

We monitor each client's campaign using specialised tools, allowing it to be properly optimised during its operation.

Google Ads Campaign - step by step

Many years of experience in running Google Ads campaigns have taught us many things, but especially how important it is to structure and organise our work properly.


Target setting and market analysis

We will discuss your expectations and marketing objectives. We will carry out an analysis of your industry and competitors. This will enable us to position your campaign to reach the right audience.


Account setup and campaign configuration

If you do not already have a Google Ads account, we will set one up for you. We will then create and fully configure your advertising campaign taking care of its structure and additional settings.


Preparation of adverts and graphics

Properly prepared adverts are key to the success of the entire campaign. Ad content consistent with the keywords, combined with attractive graphics, help to make the ad stand out from the competition and encourage the user to visit the site.


Campaign optimisation

Every marketing activity requires constant analysis and optimisation. Using our experience and toolkit, we draw the right conclusions and continuously improve active campaigns.

Advantages of a Google Ads campaign

A Google Ads advertising campaign offers an extraordinary opportunity to achieve noticeable results in a relatively short period of time. This is the main distinguishing feature of this advertising method.

Effects visible immediately

The effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign can be noticeable even minutes after launch.

Präzise Ausrichtung der Werbung

Adverts can be targeted to a specific group.

PPC billing method

You only pay for a real user click. This means that you pay for the effect.

Low customer acquisition cost

Your site will be visited by people who are genuinely interested in your offer, making the cost per visit low.

Flexibility in campaign management

You can adjust your budget, ad content and campaign targeting at any time.

Transparency of campaign results

The effects of the campaign are easily measurable. You can check its results at any time.

Where will your Google Ads appear?

A correctly configured campaign can be displayed in multiple locations, languages as well as devices, e.g. computer, tablet, phone. Depending on your marketing objectives, we will determine which method will bring the greatest success to your campaign.

Google Search Network

Google Display Network

Specific location or language

Selected devices



Ad targeting options

Google offers a number of interesting possibilities for targeting ads to audiences. We will identify the best target group and choose the right place to display your ads.


The ad will be displayed to users when they enter specific keywords directly related to your industry or offer.


We will target adverts to people interested in a specific topic that coincides with your business profile.

Recipients on the market

We reach people with specific online behaviours. This increases the chance of them taking action on your website.

Similar users

We will target adverts to people who, in the algorithm's assessment, are similar to your customers and therefore have the best chance of being interested in your offer.

Life events

Advertisements can be targeted at people where something important has happened in the recent past or is about to happen.


We will set the ads to display on specific days and at the right time - when you can serve the customer.


We will use the data provided by the campaign and target advertising to people who have visited your website.

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Okres: 3 miesiące

Cena: 499 PLN / msc


Cena: 1.299 PLN

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most common questions about your Google Ads campaign:

Will the Google Ads account be mine?

Yes, we can work with your existing advertising account, or we can set up a new Google Ads account for this purpose, which you will own, so the client will have constant access and visibility to the campaign.

How much do Google Ads cost?

The main cost is the advertising budget. Depending on the industry, location, reach and target audience, the monthly budget can range from several hundred to several thousand PLN. Added to this is the cost of running the campaign. Too small a budget may not generate enough clicks to achieve any results.

What period is the contract signed for?

As a rule, we sign contracts for 3 months, as campaigns also need time to the algorithms to learn and then optimise, thus achieving the best results. However, we are flexible and can also offer shorter contracts if necessary.

Is it possible to make changes during while the campaign is running?

There is no problem making changes to the campaign. Budgets, keywords, targeting and many other factors can be changed. The campaign optimisation process also involves making changes.

How do Google Ads work?

Reklamy w Google opierają się głównie na systemie PPC – Pay Per Click – płaci się jedynie za realne kliknięcia w reklamę przez użytkowników, którym się dana reklama wyświetliła. Dochodzi do tego system aukcyjny o miejsce reklamowe, na które wpływa ustawiona cena za kliknięcie, ale także jakość i dopasowanie słów kluczowych oraz oferty na stronie docelowej. Dlatego tak ważna jest profesjonalna optymalizacja kampanii.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes, of course.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them.

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