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30 Silent Revenue Killers on Your Website:
Don't Miss Out on Turning Visitors into Profit

Unlock Hidden Profits: 30 Essential Must-Haves for Your Website to Convert Visitors into Customers and Revenue

Congratulations on taking the first step toward transforming your online presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse! In today’s digital landscape, having a website is just the beginning. To truly harness its potential, you need to understand and implement the key elements that separate profitable websites from the rest. Whether you’re an e-commerce entrepreneur, a small business owner, or someone with a basic website, this blog post is your guide to unlocking the secrets of online success. Prepare to discover the essential components that can turn your website into a conversion magnet, captivate your audience, and maximize your profits. Let’s dive in and uncover the hidden gems that can take your website to the next level!

1. Add 'trust' pages to improve Google TrustRank (About us, Contact, Privacy Policy and TOS)

Adding trust pages such as “”About Us””, “”Contact””, “”Privacy Policy””, and “”TOS”” strengthens the website’s credibility perception by Google. Firstly, they demonstrate the site’s transparency and integrity. Secondly, they help users understand the site’s operating principles and its reliability. As a result, websites that have these elements can achieve a higher TrustRank, which favors better ranking in search results.

Learn more here: https://backlinko.com/google-trustrank

2. Set up a tool for keyword rank tracking

Setting up a keyword tracking tool brings numerous benefits to website owners. Firstly, it allows for monitoring the effectiveness of SEO strategies and identifying keywords that generate the most traffic. Secondly, it enables a quick response to changing trends and adapting the strategy to current needs. Finally, such a tool provides valuable competitive insights, allowing for analysis of which keywords are most valuable in a particular industry.

Learn more here: https://marketingarsenal.io/how-to-track-google-keyword-rankings/

3. Test if your website is mobile friendly and fix the issues

Checking if a website is mobile-friendly is crucial in the era of growing mobility. Sites optimized for mobile provide a better experience for users, increasing their engagement and time spent on the site. Moreover, Google favors mobile-friendly sites in search results, which can enhance visibility and traffic to the site.

Learn more here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

4. Check and fix your website loading time

Checking and improving the loading time of a website contributes to a significant enhancement of the user experience. Fast-loading pages reduce bounce rates and encourage visitors to stay on the site longer. Moreover, quick loading time is one of Google’s ranking factors, which can improve a site’s position in search results.

Learn more here: https://tools.pingdom.com/

5. Keep your URLs short

Short URLs are typically more understandable and easier to remember for users. Clean and concise URLs can better convey the content of a page, potentially leading to higher click-through rates in search results. Additionally, shortened URLs appear more aesthetically pleasing and professional, which can boost the trust of visitors.

Learn more here: https://www.hubledigital.com/blog/shorter-urls-improves-ranking-on-google

6. Record user sessions/heatmaps to see how users use your website and fix bottlenecks

User session recording and heatmaps help understand how visitors navigate your website and which elements capture their attention. By analyzing this data, we can identify areas that users find problematic or confusing and make necessary adjustments. Using these tools, one can optimize the user experience, thereby increasing engagement and conversions on the site.

Learn more here: https://www.fullsession.io/blog/session-recording-replay-tools/

7. Resize large images before uploading

Resizing large images before uploading is crucial for optimizing page load speed. Lighter images speed up loading time, which translates to a better user experience and can assist in search engine ranking. Moreover, smaller image files consume less bandwidth, which benefits both website owners and visitors.

Learn more here: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/image-resizer

8. Create an XML sitemap and add it to the Google Search Console (GSC)

Creating an XML sitemap helps search engines more easily index and understand the structure of your website. Adding it to Google Search Console (GSC) ensures that Google has up-to-date information on all available subpages and their significance. This process supports SEO optimization, improving the site’s visibility in search results and enabling faster detection and resolution of any indexing issues.

Learn more here: https://raddinteractive.com/how-to-add-a-sitemap-to-google-search-console-step-by-step/

9. Consolidate duplicate URLs with canonical tag

Duplicated URLs can lead to scattered SEO value and confusion for search engines. Using the canonical tag allows you to indicate the preferred URL to search engines, treating other duplicated versions as secondary. This helps prevent duplicate content issues, focusing the SEO value on one selected version of the page.

Learn more here: https://neilpatel.com/blog/robots-txt/

10. Check if your website uses HTTPS

Using the HTTPS protocol ensures that data transferred between the website and the user is encrypted and protected from interception. HTTPS-secured sites build trust among visitors as they guarantee the protection of their privacy and data. Additionally, Google considers HTTPS as a ranking factor, which can positively impact your site’s position in search results.

Learn more here: https://doesmysiteneedhttps.com/

11. Conduct a keyword research

Keyword research is a fundamental step in an SEO strategy, allowing you to understand which phrases are most valuable for your industry or topic. Analyzing these terms enables website content optimization to attract the right target audience and meet their informational needs. Properly conducted research will also identify market gaps and potential areas for growth in search engine visibility.

Learn more here: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-do-keyword-research-ht

12. Have the main keyword in URL, title and heading

Incorporating the primary keyword in the URL, title, and header of a page is crucial for SEO optimization. Positioning the keyword in these places emphasizes its importance and the content’s relevance to a specific search query. This also enhances the chances of better ranking in search results when users search for a particular phrase or topic.

Learn more here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/on-page-seo/header-tags/

13. Create an appealing & SEO-oriented meta title

The meta title is one of the first elements users see in search results, so it should be compelling and capture their attention. A well-crafted SEO-integrated meta title contains a keyword or phrase relevant to the page’s content. An appropriately optimized title not only boosts click-through rates in search results but also contributes to a better page ranking in Google.

Learn more here: https://yoast.com/meta-descriptions/

14. Set up a proper link building strategy

An appropriate link-building strategy is crucial for enhancing the authority and ranking of your website in search engines. Focus on acquiring high-quality, organic links from trustworthy and relevant sources, avoiding spammy or low-quality techniques. Systematic and thoughtful link-building boosts the site’s visibility, strengthens its credibility, and attracts the target audience.

Learn more here: https://neilpatel.com/blog/13-efficient-link-building-strategies-for-busy-marketers/

15. Claim your Google My Business listing

Rejestracja wizytówki w „Google Moja Firma” pozwala lokalnym firmom wyróżnić się w wynikach wyszukiwania i na Mapach Google. W ten sposób właściciele firm mogą zapewnić potencjalnym klientom aktualne informacje na temat godzin otwarcia, lokalizacji, recenzji i zdjęć. Odpowiednio skonfigurowana wizytówka nie tylko zwiększa widoczność dla zapytań lokalnych, ale także buduje zaufanie wśród użytkowników, prezentując autentyczne opinie klientów.

Learn more here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop

16. Things that are clickable (like buttons) are obviously pressable (hover states, rounded corners, subtle gradient, blue underlined links)

Clickable elements, such as buttons, have intuitive designs (hover states, rounded corners, subtle gradients, blue underlined links) that naturally indicate they can be pressed. These design cues enhance user experience by making navigation and interaction seamless and straightforward.


30 Silent Revenue Killers on Your Website - K&K Studios - Web Design & Digital Marketing

17. The footer incorporates links to social platforms and showcases the total number of connections/followers (allowing visitors to explore and connect for authenticity)

By integrating links to various social platforms and presenting the cumulative count of connections/followers, the footer provides a way for visitors to establish a genuine connection with the personal website. This transparency fosters trust among visitors and encourages them to engage with the site owner’s online presence.


17 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

18. The footer includes shortcuts to primary sections

Featuring links to key sections in the footer offers visitors a convenient means to navigate directly to essential content without the need to scroll back up. This thoughtful design approach enhances the user experience by providing alternative access points to critical information.


18 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

19. The homepage prominently presents a value proposition (possibly through a tagline or a brief introduction)

Effectively communicating the value proposition on the homepage, whether via a tagline or a concise introduction, allows visitors to swiftly grasp the essence and purpose of the personal website. This clear communication encourages engagement and retention by conveying the unique aspects that make the website stand out.


19 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

20. The homepage incorporates options for visitors to connect with the site owner (such as a contact form, direct messaging, or email)

Providing avenues for visitors to initiate contact with the site owner right from the homepage, whether through a contact form, direct messaging, or email, facilitates open communication and fosters trust. This accessibility demonstrates a willingness to engage and ensures a seamless experience for those interested in reaching out.


20 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

21. The homepage showcases snippets of visitor feedback or specific content highlights, linked to detailed pages

Displaying concise visitor feedback snippets or highlighting specific content pieces on the homepage offers instant insights into the personal website’s quality and relevance. By providing direct links to the detailed pages, users can conveniently explore further, boosting user engagement and encouraging more interaction.


21 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

22. The homepage features badges representing mentions from various sources, like blogs or notable individuals, to lend credibility (e.g., "Featured on Blogs XYZ")

Incorporating badges that symbolize mentions from sources like blogs or prominent individuals on the homepage adds credibility and prestige to the personal website. Such endorsements leverage social proof, building trust and authority among new visitors and potentially influencing their perception positively.


22 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

23. A concise list of the website's main advantages accompanies the main title, each linked to more information (marked with noticeable symbols)

Placing a brief list of key advantages alongside the main title, indicated by prominent symbols, delivers an immediate understanding of the website’s unique offerings. Linking these advantages to detailed descriptions allows interested visitors to delve deeper, catering to both quick overviews and comprehensive exploration.


23 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

24. The website's media gallery supports touch-based interactions on mobile devices

Enabling touch-based interactions like swiping within the media gallery on mobile devices ensures a seamless and instinctive browsing experience for on-the-go users. This gesture-friendly approach enhances user interaction, ensuring that mobile visitors can effortlessly view and navigate through visual content.


24 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

25. The background colour of the primary Call to Action (CTA) stands out from other elements (e.g., a subtle shade of colour)

Distinctively coloring the background of the primary Call to Action (CTA) sets it apart from other elements on the page, capturing immediate attention. This visual differentiation guarantees that the most important action is easily discernible, encouraging user engagement and desired actions.


25 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

26. The landing page emphasizes the key advantages of connecting with the individual behind the website (e.g., "Passionate Environmentalist," "Contributions to Local Communities," "Shared Experiences")

Przedstawienie głównych korzyści płynących z połączenia się z osobistą stroną internetową danej osoby, takich jak bycie „pasjonatem ochrony środowiska” lub „działaczem na rzecz lokalnych społeczności”, przekazuje odwiedzającym wartości i cechy wyróżniające daną osobę. Stwierdzenia ilościowe, takie jak „Wspólne doświadczenia”, stanowią namacalny dowód zaangażowania, budując zaufanie i zachęcając odwiedzających do dowiedzenia się więcej.


26 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

27. Visitor testimonials are presented with a review title, rating, personal image, full name, verification status, background, and interests

Displaying visitor testimonials with comprehensive details like review titles, ratings, images, full names, verification badges, backgrounds, and interests adds depth and authenticity to the feedback. Such detailed testimonials offer potential readers a richer understanding of the website’s impact and relevance, especially when they relate to the reviewer’s context.


27 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

28. The structure of content information is easily scannable (grouped content, bullet points, highlights of key takeaways)

Creating scannable content structures with grouped information, bullet points, and highlighted key takeaways ensures that visitors can quickly grasp the main themes and benefits of the website. This organised presentation streamlines comprehension, enhancing the overall experience and encouraging further engagement.

Look at our website as an example: https://kkstudios.pl

29. Section headings focus on the positive outcomes of engaging with the website (rather than just listing features)

By centering section headings on the positive outcomes of interacting with the website, the content resonates more strongly with visitors’ desires and aspirations. This approach speaks directly to the value and positive influence the website can offer, making it more compelling and persuasive.


29 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

30. Individual page includes a compilation of common questions from visitors (both specific to content and general inquiries)

Incorporating a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) tailored to both specific content and general inquiries on individual pages proactively addresses potential uncertainties or queries that visitors may have. This comprehensive approach not only aids understanding but also nurtures trust by ensuring visitors feel informed and supported.


30 | K&K Studios | Web Design & Digital Marketing

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